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Chromaculture is a screen printing and design company that specializes in problem solving. We work with our clients to understand their unique positioning and develop a product based around their message. We work with the highest quality garments in the industry and use water based, eco friendly inks for 80% of our printing. Our goal is to provide our customers with not only a quality product, but a lasting relationship in the apparel industry.

We are on a mission to eliminate the corporate "Gym" shirt.



SAM KRAUS, Founder & CEO

Sam has always been interested in the process of making. In 2007 he started screen printing his dorm room at UC Santa Cruz, making shirts for friends. He was intrigued by the creative process, which led to the inception of Chromaculture in 2009. Fast forward to today and Chromaculture is a full service printing and design company that is always taking on new projects. When he is not doing paper work or meeting with clients, Sam loves the outdoors: mountain biking, paddle boarding, surfing, rock climbing. Good food and good friends are also essential.

James Shaff, Print Production

James graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2009 and moved to California shortly after. He is a perfectionist and always gets excited with new projects. When he's not printing at Chromaculture, you can find him rehearsing or playing a local show with one of his many bands, riding his bike, or just smiling. 

Alex Hau, Graphic Designer

Alex has six years experience in print and identity design since graduating from USF. He has a true passion for design and is skilled in creating and directing corporate and modern business design. He enjoys turning complex ideas in to simple designs. If Alex is around, there is always good music playing.




There are no current available openings. However, we always welcome those interested to contact us regarding freelance opportunities
or "name your job" positions.